Imagine two musicians on stage playing more orthen 40 instruments. You close your eyes and listen to a whole orchestra.

Bodo Schopf and Buedi Siebert are two musicians with decades of musical experience on stage and in studios. In their career they have performed with renowned artists such as Falco, Udo Lindenberg, Bap, Pur, Ralf Illenberger, Andreas Vollenweider, Eric Burdon, The Sweet, Michel Schenker Group, Eloy, Jack Bruce and Wolfgang Dauner. Both obtained Gold and Platinum awards, participated in many television shows and on videos. As studio musicians they have been involved in more than 500 CD productions and have been live in countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Africa, Egypt, Russia and across Europe.

For years both musicians have been dealing with music and instruments of native cultures which they combine with modern technology - NATIVE FUTURE.

Bodo Schopf and Büdi Siebert are going to present more than 40 instruments at their concert evening, from electronics to instruments of native people. Both work with a looper, where they candub recorded sequences and continue to play them. Thesesequences will be acompanied by the performance of more instruments - the audience thus experiences the nascency of pieces played as if by a large ensemble - live.


Moreover the audience will experience an evening with extraordinary sounds, from natural instruments to synthesizers, simple melodies, experimental improvisations, deep grooves and trance rhythms.